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Kubernetes users get managed service

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Based on open-source standards and predictable pricing, the managed Kubernetes service offering from OVH is ready-to-use on its public cloud.

The system has been designed to make it easier for customers to use the Kubernetes infrastructure. Characterised by its ease of deployment, resilient and scalable applications, this service enables OVH’s customers to focus on their core business.

Kubernetes is currently used by tens of thousands of IT teams around the world to manage containerised workloads, from development to production. A recent survey by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) showed that Kubernetes is currently the leading container management tool, used by 83% of organisations.

The managed service was developed with the help of end-users. To enhance its cloud portfolio and provide its customer with a complete Kubernetes experience without the hassle associated with software and infrastructure maintenance, OVH launched a private beta program last year.

Using the knowledge gained from this exercise, OVH expanded its managed offering to include load balancing, a customer-selectable security update policy and a choice between the latest two versions provided by the various managed service offerings available on the market.

Kubernetes’ promises include providing a common standard among hybrid cloud and multi-cloud service providers. As one of the few CNCF-certified vendors in Europe, OVH has also decided to implement a Kubernetes alternative to existing offerings, so as to ensure freedom of choice, reversibility and transparency for users.

Customer reviews are often the proof of the pudding. “We had already tried to set up our Kubernetes cluster internally but we couldn’t do it completely, and we found it too complex to install and maintain,” said Vincent Davy, DevOps at ITK.

“OVH’s Managed Kubernetes Service offer allowed us to migrate our applications to Kubernetes without having to worry about installing and maintaining the platform. The beta phase of the Kube project went very smoothly thanks to the presence and reactivity of the OVH teams.”

“OVH’s Managed Kubernetes Service offer provides all the performance necessary for the smooth running of our services, and we are sure to have no surprises on the invoice,” commented Jérôme Balducci, CTO at Whoz.

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