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Uptime not a priority despite almost half of businesses suffering data centre downtime

Guaranteed uptime failed to break into the top three of CEO and IT professional’s priorities, despite almost half (46%) of businesses saying they had suffered data loss in the past 12 months, according to a new report.

One a scale of one to ten, CEOs and IT managers said securing company data (8.34), customer data (8.3) and infrastructure security (8) were bigger priorities for their businesses than guaranteed uptime (7.95).

The Data Loss and Downtime are putting Hybrid and Edge Computing Strategies at Risk report, commissioned by Volta Data Centres, revealed the issue of data loss may stem from IT compromises.

UK businesses admitted to making cutbacks on critical IT infrastructure in the past year in order to meet budget requirements, with flexibility (31%) and guaranteed uptime (27%) the top factors businesses are having to surrender. Only 9% of businesses said they have had to make compromises over security.

Other critical areas businesses had to compromise in order to stay within budget included choice of carrier (23%) adequate cooling systems (22%), cyber security (22%) and power source reliability (20%).

Speaking on the results, Jon Arnold, managing director at Volta Data Centres commented: “Security is rightly a top concern for businesses, and it is good see that uptime comes a close second. However, with the research showing a huge amount of companies experiencing data loss from downtime, are companies actually following through with what they consider as high priority?

“With recent high-profile companies experiencing issues due to downtime, and the business impact of this, should there not be equal priority for both security and uptime?”

To see the entire findings from the ‘Data Loss and Downtime are putting Hybrid and Edge Computing Strategies at Risk’, click here.

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