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Lenovo rolls out its as-a-service offering

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Lenovo has announced TruScale Infrastructure Services, a subscription-based offering that allows customers to use and pay for data centre hardware and services – on-premise or at their preferred location – without having to purchase the equipment.

The company says that this subscription service provides customers with more flexible, agile and efficient solutions, allowing IT organisations deploy and refresh data centre services without capital investment.

Today’s businesses, and today’s CIOs, require data centre infrastructure that enables growth rather than restricts it. As technology rapidly evolves, businesses need the ability to integrate new technologies and workloads efficiently and seamlessly, often within resource, budget and capital restrictions, Lenovo suggests.

Too often, IT personnel spend more time on administrative tasks and maintenance of systems than innovation. Modern IT solutions should be scalable with automated updates.

By outsourcing resource management, IT organisations can focus on innovating within the business. According to IDC, 63 percent of IT buyers stated that, when selecting an IT infrastructure provider, the availability of flexible payment options or pay-per-use is very important.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services is a new take on procuring IT resources via a consumption-based, subscription model, Lenova claims. With this new consumption model, customers never take capital ownership of the hardware or other IT assets and pay for what they use each month as part of their operating expenses.

The company’s ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile product portfolios are also available through this offering, which includes hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance and removal.

The TruScale offering is a consumption-based model with no required minimum capacity commitment. Users only pay for capacity when their workloads are actively running. Additionally, capacity can be scaled up or down to accommodate business needs, ensuring IT infrastructure is right-sized, all the time.

Lenovo’s metering solution remains outside of the customer’s data plane – providing the advantages of cloud-like economics with the security of on-premise hardware. Monthly pricing structures are simple and all-inclusive of associated services such as maintenance, support, remote monitoring and system health, all appear in one bill.

“Lenovo’s TruScale is changing how IT departments procure and refresh their data centre infrastructure. With our subscription-based model, customers pay for what they use, eliminating upfront capital purchase risk,” said Laura Laltrello, vice president and general manager of services at Lenovo Data Center Group.

“Our offering can be applied to any configuration that meets the customer’s needs – whether storage-rich, server-heavy, hyperconverged or high-performance compute – and can be scaled as business dictates,” she added.


No capital expense

“Lenovo is accelerating our customers’ Intelligent Transformation and digital journey by providing them with a new way of securing and deploying infrastructure. By eliminating the capital expense of purchasing IT equipment and replacing with a subscription model, customers can now focus on supporting their business growth, knowing that they’ll have the right flexibility across their environment,” said Roderick Lappin, senior vice president and chief customer officer at Lenovo Data Center Group.

“Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services combines the economic flexibility of cloud with the security of on-premise data, giving customers more agility, efficiency and simplicity in how they operate,” he added.

Lenovo says the value of a true subscription offering is the ability for customers to view their consumption in real time, enabling them to control and predict their costs. Customers have constant visibility to their consumption through the customer portal. This, along with an assigned customer success manager, enables the customer to have easy access to any level of detail needed, as well as clear paths to drive resolution with any issue they encounter.

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