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Eco-friendly data centre project will use fastest Atlantic connection

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Atlantic Hub confirmed last week that it will develop an IT services and data centre with two mega-hub campus sites in Ireland at Foyle Port Innovation Park, Londonderry and Letterkenny in Co. Donegal.  

Each campus will offer world-class data centre services, including up to Tier 4 standard, accommodating hyper-scale operator demands for low development and operational costs, and with direct connection to North America.  Atlantic Hub is planning an eco-friendly sustainable data centre development.

Energy supply is sourced from 100% certified green power, offering up to 300MW capacity that is integrated into the national transmission system, through new 110kV transmission substations. Each campus is powered by a very reliable and high quality HV power supply system with built in redundancy and N+1 grid transformer arrangement. 

The project will be supported by the GTT transatlantic fibre-optic submarine cable. Which offers the fastest connectivity available between North America and Europe at 8Tbps capacity with the lowest latency transatlantic connection. 

The brownfield sites, in Foyle Port and Letterkenny will be able to provide services with less than 60ms latency to New York, 4ms to anywhere in the island of Ireland and 14-16ms to the centres of London, Amsterdam and Paris. 

The strategically chosen locations take advantage of the natural geographical advantages of a central time-zone for daily business transactions with USA, Europe and Asia, and the beneficial local climate of Ireland’s North West.

When this local climate is combined with an innovative data hall cooling design that optimises airflow management for cooling efficiencies, the centres will target an industry-leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) < 1.2.  

The growing power demands of hyper-converged data centre infrastructure require significantly higher power density in the data hall. Atlantic Hub claims it can accommodate a wide range of power densities up to 5kW per square meter and handle 20kW per rack.  


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