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Open source platform is serverless and free for life

Furnace Ignite has launched a free and open source platform with claims of unprecedented speed, agility and simplicity to the creation of streaming data applications. 

The company says that its new package, Furnace enables data-rich organisations, of any size, to build highly sophisticated applications quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Furnace is language-agnostic and serverless and can be installed and be operable in minutes regardless of previous experience and skill level.  The software has been designed as a clean slate, breaking through the complexities, expenses and extended development cycles that have long impacted on data-intensive applications.

Furnace enables developers to take full advantage of serverless, to create innovative, complex applications with unprecedented agility, speed and economy. It runs natively in AWS Cloud and is aligned with GitOps methodology, enabling developers to focus on feature innovation rather than mundane, time-consuming operational concerns.

“From smart cities to marketing and security, vast new pools of data are unused or underemployed, both because of the scarcity of developer talent and the enormous commitment of time and money currently required to bring a complex application to market,” said Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Ovum. 

“Furnace helps companies overcome the developer skills gap that so often stalls innovation and bypasses the resource-intensive, extremely expensive development cycles that can derail the completion of promising new applications and services.”

Furnace is designed to reverse the trend of escalating complexity and costs of Big Data processing and storage.  As such, initial applications of Furnace include rapid and inexpensive fusion of data streams from disparate sources, data filtration, sanitization and storage for reasons such as legal compliance.

“We developed Furnace to ease the time, costs and skills associated with the data streaming development process and we believe the platform offers great benefits to the developer community worldwide,” said CTO Danny Waite.

“Furnace will continue to be developed to suit the needs of the opensource community and we welcome user feedback on the platform,” he added.

Furnace can be downloaded for free from GitHub by clicking on this link.


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