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Will Britain still be able to access data after Brexit?

In the never-ending saga that is Brexit, when the time finally comes, will our data be safe and secure? Paolo Sartori of TransWorldCom gives us his insight.

In the run up to Brexit, agreements have been in place for EU workers, business and trade. However, one area that has been neglected by parliament and the media is the flow of data.

With much of the UK’s cloud storage being physically stored in servers in mainland Europe, questions need to be raised with regards to how we will access this data after Brexit securely and safely.

To allow data to keep freely flowing across borders, the EU would need to grant Britain an adequacy deal. This has been given to 12 other non-EU countries, such as Norway and Switzerland, but it is not clear how quickly this would be granted to the UK after Brexit.

Another aspect of data transference post-Brexit that has not been discussed is GDPR and how we will legally access data after Brexit.

Paolo Sartori, CEO of TransWorldCom, commented, “GDPR and other changes to data laws by the EU in future create a new obstacle that, as with most data problems, is without precedent.”

“If the EU and UK do not match their data protection legislation in future, limits on accessing data stored outside of the UK may come into effect.”

“Professional services need to be planning ahead of Brexit and the ensuing transition period in terms of ensuring that their data is safe and secure for the future of trading.”

“The ambiguity of terms such as the cloud gives the impression that this vitally important data is stored all around us, whereas in reality it is likely to be located in Europe.”

“Firms should consider solutions such as private servers and contractual agreements to combat this uncertainty and continue providing their services safely to their clients – deal or no deal.”

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