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Cloud application availability, security and cost top priorities for organisations

Through a recent survey, Densify has found that the highest priorities for most organisations, when it comes to deploying workloads in the cloud, is all about the applications.

Businesses are focused on how to ensure applications perform well, how to keep the environments secure, and how to make sure they accomplish these goals within budget.

With 55% of the respondents coming from enterprises with over 1,000 employees, these global organisations have concerns over how to ensure apps function well in the cloud.

Sixty-six per cent of the organisations are running multi-cloud environments, with the clear majority winner being AWS (70% usage), followed by Azure (57% usage) and Google Cloud Platform at (31% usage). On-prem private cloud users were at 37%.

Container technology is rapidly being adopted to run applications and microservices, with 44% of the respondents already running containers, and another 24% looking into containers.

Six months ago, when Densify conducted the last market survey, the percentage of people already running containers was at 19%, showing a strong growth in container adoption in just the last half year.

As for which container platforms they run on, the top technology is from AWS with Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (EKS), with 56% of the audience using one of these two. However, Kubernetes in general is the most popular being used on AWS, Azure, Google and IBM Cloud.

While enterprises have fully embraced and adopted the cloud and containers, there are some issues in the way people adopt the cloud, that can introduce risk to their businesses.

A surprisingly large number of participants (40%) shared that they are not certain or up to speed with the latest cloud technologies from the cloud providers, or how to leverage them for their own success.

When asked about how they decide and select the optimal cloud resources to run their applications, 55% reported “best guess” and “tribal knowledge” as their main strategy.

Penny pinching 

A primary objective of these enterprises is to control their spend with cloud, with this issue being their third most important objective based on the survey results.

But the data shows that 45% of the audience indicated that they are spending more than they have budgeted, with 20% spending more than $1.2 million per year.

Furthermore, 55% of the audience are using manual efforts to select their workloads, guessing on their selection, which directly drives up their cloud risk and spend.

When asked if automating the optimal cloud/container resource selection could help them with achieving their objectives, 80% responded favourably, that it can help them in reducing application risk, and driving down their cloud spend.

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