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WorldStream announces second phase expansion at flagship data centre

WorldStream, a fast-growing hosting provider, has announced a 268-rack expansion at its company-owned, flagship data centre in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.

This second phase expansion means that WorldStream, within the course of a year will be doubling its facility capacity to 536 data centre racks at this location.
As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider serving clients globally with unmanaged IaaS hosting solutions, WorldStream currently owns two data centres.

Both located in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, these facilities are home to WorldStream’s fast-growing number of servers for clients worldwide.

The number of dedicated servers installed in WorldStream’s two data centres currently adds up to 15,000 dedicated servers in total.

The second phase expansion in WorldStream’s flagship data centre allows the hosting company to further grow its dedicated server capacity in its data centres to 20,000 servers, but WorldStream is already eying another greenfield data centre build nearby.
“Over the last year, demand for our unmanaged hosting services grew significantly. As a result our flagship data centre is filling up quickly, requiring us to expand the capacity at this location a bit earlier than initially planned,” said Lennert Vollebregt, CEO and co-owner of WorldStream.

“We commissioned the first phase of development at this flagship data centre in June 2018, so exactly a year ago. This initial building phase has a capacity of 268 racks as well, so the expansion plans announced today means we’re now doubling the capacity in this data centre.”
“The fast growth in customer demand even forces us to accelerate WorldStream’s plans to construct another data centre build at close distance in Naaldwijk,” added Vollebregt.

“We expect to be able to announce these new data centre expansion plans quite soon. It will enable us even further to support strong demand for our hosting services from customers worldwide.”
N+2 Data centre setup
The current 268-rack data centre expansion at WorldStream’s flagship facility is expected to be ready for commissioning in Q4 2019.

This data centre features a highly energy-efficient design, using indirect adiabatic cooling technology as well as hot-aisle containment.

According to WorldStream’s calculations, it results in a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, which is an extremely energy-efficient figure.

The energy-efficiency and sustainability of this facility is confirmed by third-party audits and awarded with an ISO 14001:2015 certification, specifying its environmental performance.
WorldStream’s flagship data centre features a highly redundant design with an N+2 setup.

The facility is also equipped with a fully modular UPS system to facilitate hot-swappable maintenance and avoiding any downtime.

Today’s facility expansion includes an investment in two extra 93PM 500kVA Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs) and three new generators (2500kVA each).

WorldStream utilises a mix of leading brands for its data centre designs – to aim for maximum efficiency and uptime, catering to ‘enterprise-grade’ requirements. These brands include Eaton, FläktGroup and Zwart Techniek (a Dutch provider of generator sets).
The high interest for WorldStream’s hosting services from clients worldwide is partly due to the extremely large volume of bandwidth available in WorldStream’s global network and the associated DDoS protection capabilities it brings, added Nick de Jong, sales director at WorldStream.

“The 10Tbps of bandwidth volume with 5Tbps utilisation attracts cloud service providers, managed service providers and broadcasters alike from countries all over the world – companies with the highest uptime requirements looking for ultimate bandwidth scalability,” he said.

“We deliberately invested more than three million euros in this global network over the past three years. Now it obviously pays of. This bandwidth volume not only attracts new customers, it also supports existing customers in their high-growth international network requirements.”

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