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Gigabyte to showcase data centre, AI and cloud solutions at CES 2020

Gigabyte CES 2020

CES 2020 is set to be the biggest electronics show of the year, and while it doesn’t always have much influence on the data centre market, this year a few exhibitors will be showcasing new technologies that could hugely benefit the IT sector. One such company is Gigabyte, which has announced a slew of solutions covering data centres, artificial intelligence and the cloud. 

Gigabyte has been investing heavily in the data centre sector, with the company hoping to grow its server hardware line-up exponentially. While it doesn’t have any new products on show at CES 2020, the company will be showcasing how its existing products can help data centre operators, and how end-users can also benefit from its technology when it’s embedded in a data centre. 

On its CES 2020 stand, the company is showcasing four different ready-to-deploy solutions, which include: 

DNN Training Appliance: An on-premises AI development platform, combining high performance GPU servers and a user-friendly GUI with powerful optimisations that can improve the accuracy and reduce the time required for DNN (Deep Neural Networks) training.

VirtualStor: A software-defined storage platform that can consolidate existing media and effortlessly add new capacity that supports all main storage types (block, object or file) while simplifying management and reducing infrastructure costs.

Cloud Fusion: A hybrid cloud management platform that integrates sophisticated container management and software-defined storage, allowing your organisation to achieve the possibility of an on-premises self-built AI cloud.

Liquid Cooling: A showcase of modularised direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions for increased performance possibilities and reduced power and cooling requirements in the data centre.

In addition to its ‘data centre’ area, the company will also be showcasing its smart life products, that utilise AI and IoT to benefit end-users. These solutions include: 

Smart Agriculture (Eco Box): Using Big Data, AI, and edge computing, Gigabyte’s IoT Eco Box can gather necessary information from cloud and edge, using the IG-3815 (Smart IoT Gateway System) and communicating through Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and LoRA, to control variables that are vital to a crop’s growth in order to increase yield.

Smart Retail: Gigabyte now provides an O2O (Online to Offline) retail solution called ‘Smart Fitting Mirror’, which is an AIoT system featuring a large size touch panel. Gigabyte’s self-designed ToF camera, and ULSee’s 3D Virtual Try-On software called ‘U Style’, for users to scan and generate 3D personal image on screen and try putting on outfits virtually.

Smart Security: Gigabyte’s contactless identification technology, the latest version of AI Face Recognition Solution, is now built in an Edge AIO (All-in-One) device with re-designed ID. It also combines lenses, screens, and processors all boarded in a single chassis.

Smart Transportation: Gigabyte partnered with ARTC to create automated-driving control unit, ADCU3-100 Pilot, to be the core controller of a level 4 autonomous vehicles or ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) vehicles which requires no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake pedal, being 100% autonomous.

Smart Wearable: Utilising Gigabyte’s server know-how, Jorjin Technology Inc. is able to introduce at Gigabyte’s booth a pair of AR/MR glasses that can assist enterprises to simplify problems originally caused by long travel distances and related time consumption, and this product will be able to be widely used in industrial maintenance, warehousing and logistics, public security and medical fields to efficiently perform maintenance, education, training, and identification of sensitive information etc.

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