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Seagate’s Lyve Drive is a modular storage system for moving data around your enterprise, cloud and edge

Seagate Lyve Drive modular storage system

Seagate wants to make it a little easier to transport data around the enterprise, cloud and edge, with the company launching Lyve Drive at CES 2020. 

Lyve Drive is essentially a collection of modular storage solutions that were specifically designed to address the growing need to move massive amounts of data from endpoints to edge to core. The solution is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and form factors, meaning enterprises can be sure to choose the exact Lyve Drive solution that works for them. 

The solutions available to those wishing to move their data securely include: 

Lyve Drive Cards and Lyve Drive Card Reader 

High capacity, high-performance 1TB CFexpress cards and a portable card reader for ingesting endpoint data sources.

Lyve Drive Shuttle 

An autonomous data storage and transport solution for easy ingestion from direct-attached, network-attached, and other external storage devices. It offers up to 16TB of capacity depending on HDD or SSD configuration, and an e-ink touchscreen display to copy files directly without a PC.

Lyve Drive Mobile Array 

A sealed, high-performance, six-bay array that is ruggedised and easy to transport. The mobile array displayed at CES will feature six of Seagate’s 18TB Exos HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording) hard drives for a total capacity of 108TB.

Lyve Drive Modular Array 

A high-performance four-bay array with flexible configuration so businesses can build what they need for a particular workflow. The high-capacity modular array displayed at CES will include Seagate’s Exos 2X14 enterprise hard drive, which is the first to integrate Seagate’s MACH.2 multi-actuator technology.

Lyve Drive Rackmount Receiver 

A high-performance data centre 4U rackmount ingestion hub that accepts two Lyve Drive arrays for high-speed data transfer directly into a data center fabric without the need of cables.

Given the importance of security when it comes to moving data from one place to another, Seagate’s Lyve Drive line-up has been built with that in mind. The firm says that it uses industry standard verifications to confirm data integrity, while its authenticated firmware and at-rest encryption provide further assurance. 

“Data empowers those who can harness and activate it,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice president of marketing for Seagate. 

“However, today’s data management tools are too costly and inefficient for businesses to tap into data’s full value. Lyve Drive is Seagate’s first step toward a unified data experience, which will turn data’s possibilities into tangible growth for the world’s most critical industries.”

Seagate has yet to confirm when its Lyve Drive line-up will be available to purchase, but rest assured that we’ve reached out and we’ll update this article when we know more. 

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