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5G: Are we a country of secret cynics?


If you’ve been reading my newsletters for any length of time, you will probably have an inkling by now, I’m pretty cynical at the best of times. But online data has shown, that when it comes to the rollout of 5G, as a country, we are a lot more sceptical than we have all collectively made out.

When the whole 5G thing first came about, I had my suspicions, there seemed to be some pretty solid information out there suggesting it was going to kill us all, but a little more digging caused me to hang up my tin foil hat.

But the thing is, anyone questioning the safety or merit of 5G on any type of public platform are seemingly being vehemently chastised as one of said tin foil hat brigade. But behind the scenes, it would appear a large portion of us have been doing exactly the same thing.

New online data has shown that the UK is actually the second most ‘sceptical’ country in the world regarding 5G, with nearly 94,000 searches a month concerning the possible negative implications of the technology. Interestingly, at the other end of the scale – so the most accepting of 5G – was Denmark.

Prolifics Testing classified and grouped consistently recurring Google searches by individuals on 5G such as ‘is 5G dangerous?’, ‘is 5G safe?’, ‘is 5G harmful?’, ‘does 5G pose health risks?’ and ‘does 5G cause/spread coronavirus (Covid-19)?’ as ‘sceptical’ online searches.

I do find it amusing that behind closed doors, people were quite happy to do their own secret searches, but anyone publicly seen as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ sharing their findings came under fire, their intelligence called into question.

Of course, number one for 5G dubitation is the USA, those guys love a conspiracy theory, with 374,700 sceptical online searches each month. And as ridiculous as some of these theories were, at least people were asking questions, albeit some more valuable than others, but questions nevertheless.

When it comes to global shifts such as this, questions need to be asked. It’s the same with those doubting the Covid vaccine. I’m no anti-vaxxer, but we have zero way of knowing how those vaccinated will be affected in years to come. We just don’t have that research, so people are (rightly) asking questions.

So, with the imminent arrival of 5G, it’s clear a lot of us are still unsure, but make that known to anyone else? By Jove, not a chance. Is the famed British stiff upper lip keeping us quiet to our potential detriment?

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