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A social networking app that puts privacy first? Never in the world


UK tech company inLinx has launched LinxApp with the view to take on tech giants the likes of WhatsApp and Signal, with its “privacy-first” approach to messaging and social media. The app aims to attract over one million users within six months.

Well, there’s no harm in dreaming big is there? And right now, privacy issues are fraught across social media and messaging platforms.But, this free mobile communications app apparently has privacy at its heart and aims to offer users more from the standard messaging app platform that is currently on offer. 

Founded by tech entrepreneur Zabi Zamir who launched LinxApp in direct response to tackle the industry giants, he aims to set out a new standard in both privacy and functionality, which to be honest is long overdue.

The company, which has offices in London, Manchester, and Stoke-on-Trent, is aiming to take a huge chunk of the mobile messaging market.

Over 95% of UK adults own a mobile phone, and worldwide 2.52 billon people use a mobile communications app, with the figure expected to rise to three billion in 2022. With Facebook having purchased WhatsApp and fears over data and privacy, LinxApp is hoping to take a 10% share of this market.

This real time messaging platform offers users ad free, private conversations in an instant. Designed to not only connect people with their friends and family but to expand their social network.

The LinxApp chatroom feature is unique in that it is the first mobile messaging app to include a free chatroom, where users can take control of their privacy and log on with their full name and personal information or a nickname and avatar.

LinxApp will then protect user’s personal information even in one-on-one conversations, until the user is ready to add them to their private network. The chatroom function, which can be disabled or enabled at any time, allows users to participate in and start discussions with anyone, anywhere, be it locally or around the globe. 

This innovative messaging platform features a higher level of customisation than users are used to, never seen before in a messaging app.

LinxApp offers users the chance to change every single aspect within a conversation to give it a personal feel, from backgrounds, text, replies, read receipts and more, to allow people to personalise the app to suit them.

The app also gives users the chance to save and organise all their links, conversations, and photos in handy go to tabs, to make finding past communications easier.

But the pièce de resistance of this app is the privacy first approach it is touting. LinxApp will not read or scan any conversations and the app will always be ad free, so no data is shared with third parties. Instead, users can focus on what messaging apps were first made for, communication – be that with friends, family, or new people.

Zabi Zamir says, “With news of WhatsApp changing its data sharing policy to tie in with Facebook and corporate giants, such as Elon Musk, publicly moving away from these messaging services, users are now looking for alternative ways to safely interact.

“The launch of LinxApp couldn’t come at a better time as more people look to turn away from current platforms to a message system that won’t make them feel that ‘big brother’ is watching them.”

The real time messaging app comes with a host of GIFs, stickers, and preset messages reactions, including a choice of emojis and voice messages to take the conversation outside the virtual realm and make them as realistic as it can be.

The app will also feature all the usual functions that one can expect from a messaging service, such as the ability to host group chats and leave voice messages.

Zabi added, “The way people communicate is constantly evolving and that’s been accelerated by the pandemic. We saw a gap in the market and had a vision of how a messaging app could work to offer users more in terms of communication and privacy.

“We have created LinxApp to ensure people feel safe and secure online, all while being able to connect with each other and expand their social circle.”

Although LinxApp’s main priority is bringing people together, the app’s security settings are what truly set it apart and is the shake-up needed in the industry, after the announcement that WhatsApp is going to share your data and introduce advertising.

Many of us are now relying on instant messaging services as the number one way to communicate and with the launch of LinxApp, it has never been safer or easier to do so. Time will tell.

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