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Uptime Institute releases digital infrastructure sustainability guide

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Uptime Institute has created an Executive Advisory report series, Digital infrastructure sustainability – a manager’s guide, to help owners and operators implement an effective sustainability strategy.

The first instalment, Creating a sustainability strategy, outlines key elements to incorporate in a sustainability plan, including the processes and actions required to implement a successful plan and measure progress against goals and objectives.

With governments beginning to establish new regulations for sustainable data centre growth, recent research from Uptime institute has suggested that many organisations have not put in place the processes needed to meet stakeholder expectations and legislator demands when it comes to sustainability.

According to Uptime Institute, its 2021 Global Data Center Survey revealed that most organisations tend to only compile and report on power-related sustainability metrics, while few track other key elements such as water use (51%), greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (33%), and IT efficiency (25%).

“As sustainability requirements become more demanding, digital infrastructure operators must be prepared with a comprehensive, actionable sustainability strategy,” said Andy Lawrence, founding member and Executive Director at Uptime Intelligence.

“This advisory series is a ‘how-to’ guide to implementing effective environmental sustainability initiatives that span all facilities and IT operations and address the needs of all stakeholders inside and outside the organisation,” added Jay Dietrich, Research Director of Sustainability, Uptime Intelligence and lead author of the report series.

The complete series of six reports will guide managers through the key areas that must be addressed in an environmental sustainability strategy – including reducing energy consumption, buying renewable energy, tracking and reporting carbon emissions, managing water consumption, and equipment reuse and recycling.

The advisory series will also provide guidance on compliance with critical standards and legislative initiatives.

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