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Centiel debuts sustainable UPS designed to help achieve net zero targets

Centiel StratusPower

Centiel UK has launched its new uninterruptible power supply StratusPower to provide complete peace of mind in relation to power availability while helping data centres to achieve net zero targets.

StratusPower shares all the benefits of Centiel’s three phase, true modular UPS CumulusPower. That includes “9 nines” (99.9999999%) availability to effectively eliminate system downtime; 97.1% on-line efficiency to minimise running costs; and true “hot swap” modules to eliminate human error in operation. However, to improve sustainability credentials, the StratusPower includes long-life components. 

David Bond, Chairman, Centiel UK, noted, “Data centres burn massive amounts of energy and use huge volumes of water to cool equipment and so it is essential that we work towards developing more sustainable solutions. Historically, Centiel’s innovation has led to the creation of one of the most efficient and available UPS solutions on the market in CumulusPower. For the past four years we have been working to ensure our latest UPS is now as sustainable as possible too.

“Like all our UPS, StratusPower is manufactured at our factory in Switzerland. However, uniquely, it includes even higher quality components so instead of replacing filter capacitors and cooling fans every four years, they now need replacing every 15 years, or just once during their entire 30 year design life. As a data centre has a design life of typically 25 to 30 years, StratusPower  will last as long as the data centre. Furthermore, at the end of life, StratusPower can also be almost 100% recycled.

“Higher quality components cost more but this is just tens of pounds per module. However, to replace an entire UPS system every ten years, costs tens of thousands of pounds. Combined with Centiel’s approach as trusted advisors, it means we can help organisations take steps to move away from a “throw away” culture with a genuinely sustainable offering and help them reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at the same time.”

The three-phase modular UPS StratusPower now covers a power range from 50 to 1,500 kW in one cabinet and can be paralleled for 3,750 kW of uninterrupted, clean power, which is perfect for data centres.  Like Centiel’s whole range of UPS solutions, UPS cabinets are designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, and future load changes are easily accommodated by adding or removing UPS modules as required. A data centre will never outgrow a well specified StratusPower UPS and it can be constantly rightsized to ensure it always operates at the optimal point in its efficiency curve.

Centiel’s UPS solutions can also work with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which tolerate higher ambient temperatures to reduce the need for cooling further and will only need to be replaced once in a 30 year design life.

David Bond confirmed, “Centiel’s team have long been at the forefront of solving technology challenges.  As a society and in the boardroom, we now need to look seriously at sustainability and how it can be genuinely achieved within data centres.

“StratusPower is a significant move towards this goal as it not only minimises total cost of ownership but also helps achieve sustainability goals with a full commitment to zero waste and net-zero policies. The system is highly efficient, scalable, and reliable, providing complete peace of mind when it comes to power availability and uptime. Our experienced team are always available to advise on the most appropriate options for organisations looking to improve their approach to sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the highest level of availability for critical power protection.”

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