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Category: Opinion


Successfully accelerating ERP-cloud adoption

The demand for cloud-based ERP systems is gaining pace throughout the public sector. How can local authorities ensure they have the right cloud-based ERP technology – and the right implementation partner? Don Valentine, Commercial Director at Absoft, explains.

How to avoid IT project failure

When it comes to digital transformation, it’s all about the data, says Chris Gorton, Syniti SVP & Managing Director, EMEA.

Tackling energy challenges in telco network infrastructure

With a rapidly expanding digital landscape, the need for energy efficient network infrastructure is more important than ever. Optimising energy consumption in telco networks is critical – Salumanus’ Łukasz Bogdanik explores the energy efficiency advancements of coherent modules.


The race to compliance could make or break cloud service providers  

Last year, the Bank of England published new cyber resilience proposals for cloud service providers (CSPs). Indy Dhami, Financial Services Cyber Security Partner at KPMG UK, argues that while this will be a massive challenge for CSPs, it should also be viewed as an opportunity.

Steps to sustainable networking

Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Arelion, highlights how the sector can make meaningful progress towards sustainable networking.

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