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Category: Opinion

Harnessing data for change

John Miller, Director, Business Strategy and Operations at Domo, highlights how businesses can harness their data for the greater good.


H(ado)op, skip and a jump

Jonny Dixon, Senior Product Manager at Dremio, explains why it’s time for a Hadoop migration.

Cutting corners in data centre design

While many data centre operators are looking to cut corners during design to save money, Niklas Lindqvist, Nordic General Manager at Onnec, explains why this could lead to long-term problems – like frequent downtime and limited scalability.

The landlords of AI 

Chris Sharp, CTO at Digital Realty, explores why modularity will be critical for data centres and the AI economy.

Embracing the future of AI in data centres

Paul Morrison, HPC/AI Infrastructure Consultant and Venessa Moffat, DCA Advisory Board, explore the potential of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in data centres.

Demand for HPC requires an open standards approach  

Paul Mellon, Operations Director at Stellium Data Centres, delves into what it means to be ‘OCP-Ready’ and how the certification could help data centre managers and operators more effectively accommodate HPC environments.

Embracing AI

Karsten Winther, EMEA President at Vertiv, explains why the role of AI in cognitive infrastructure starts with smart energy.

Maximising UPS maintenance

Riello UPS’s Chris Cutler outlines the key questions data centre operators should ask to ensure they get the most out of their UPS maintenance plan.