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Category: Opinion

Adapting data centres for AI

Data centres need to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and strategic approaches to workforce management to support the growing demand and complexity of AI applications, says Alan Stewart-Brown, VP EMEA at Opengear.

How to avoid becoming a stranded asset

Gordon Johnson, Senior CFD Manager at Subzero Engineering, addresses why data centres run the risk of becoming stranded assets, and explores measures that can be taken to avoid this outcome.

Top tips for sustainable data centres

Daryl Whitt, Technical Director, Climate Change and Sustainability at ALL4, outlines some key ESG and sustainability considerations for operators in 2024.

Is hydrogen the answer?

Amey Karnik, Head of Industrial Decarbonisation at Ramboll, explores the role hydrogen will play in the decarbonisation of energy use in data centres.

Balancing power and sustainability demands of AI

Kelley Mullick, Iceotope’s Vice President of Technology Advancement & Alliances, explains the role liquid cooling technology can play in balancing the increased power consumption and sustainability concerns of AI.

Are AI and cloud the future of data centre sustainability?

The future of data centre sustainability – and the technologies being developed to sustain it – is bright, as long as organisations prioritise responsible practices, says Jo Debecker, Managing Partner and Global Head of Wipro FullStride Cloud.

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