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Category: Opinion

Giving data centres the green(er) light

There is no question that the future of data centres is green, it has to be, but how do operators go beyond the buzzword and actually start making sustainable solutions a reality? Here, Terry Storrar, managing director at Leaseweb UK, tells us

The changing face of the data centre

The past year has seen more demand for data than in the previous six years combined. This has put tremendous pressure on data centres across the spectrum, from hyperscale and colocation through to enterprise and telecom facilities. Here, Ben Parker, CEO at

Kubernetes and containers: Powering tomorrow’s applications

Here James Petter, VP International at Pure Storage, takes a look at how containers and Kubernetes are the driving force behind how the industry is reinventing the way we build and run applications. Containers and Kubernetes are helping reinvent the way we

5 tips for ensuring your data privacy remains exactly that

It seems data breaches are happening more often than not at the moment. But the good news is big tech companies the likes of Apple, are starting to take consumer privacy more seriously. That said, we can’t rely solely on these companies

The NHS: A journey to the cloud

While the many benefits of cloud technology for healthcare organisations and, indeed, the wider ecosystem, are largely understood, the journey to the cloud is not without its roadblocks. As Cegedim Healthcare Solutions’ IT director, Mike Collier and primary care product director, Tony

Stop putting money in the pot(holes)

With horrendous amounts of money spent on repairing transport infrastructure in the UK, it’s sobering commentary that many of our roads and bridges are still so frequently preceded by the adjective ‘crumbling.’ With UK roads riddled with worsening and seemingly ignored potholes,

A testing time

Testing your facility needn’t have to be a headache, nor should data centre operators need curl their toes at the thought of engineers ‘turning anything off’. Here Tom Blundy, senior consultant at Keysource, explains how preventative maintenance can help take the stress out

Is storage virtualisation 2.0 the next big thing for business?

After a year of home working, how the heck do businesses tame the sheer deluge of data that has come their way? Here, Florian Malecki, senior director, international product marketing at Arcserve, highlights why businesses are beginning to see the benefits of