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Blowing the roof off conventional

“A gale of creative economic destruction is blowing the roof off the conventional data centre economic model, revealing something altogether different”, says Alan Beresford, MD of data centre cooling experts EcoCooling. We asked Alan to elaborate upon this rather mysterious statement. There’s


UK among countries with the biggest penchant for Ether

Cryptocurrency has become more prominent than ever before and one of the digital coins making the most noise is Ether and the UK is listening. Unlike its closest crypto rival Bitcoin, people can build applications on top of Ethereum (the open source

Bitcoin is here to stay

Why retailers, investors and employees are turning to cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

The next Bitcoin run is imminent 

Bitcoin could be on the verge of the next bull run, affirms the CEO of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

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