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Tag: Brexit

Towing the line with EU GDPR post-Brexit

Is the UK getting a bit too big for its boots? With Brexit now (sort of) underway, Jack Bedell-Pearce CEO & co-founder at 4D Data Centres, explores the drive towards alignment with EU GDPR, in relation to data adequacy and divergence. On


Brexit uncertainty fuels new wave of scams

As if Brexit wasn’t a scam enough in itself, Toby Carlin, senior director of Fraud Consulting at EMEA, FICO examines a wave of Brexit related scams and offers advice on how to spot, prevent, and report them.   A fraudster’s perfect storm

93% IT leaders subjected to rapid change over last two years

In recent years businesses have had to learn to live with uncertainty. New research from Ensono that asked 100 SAP IT decision makers about the challenges they face today has found that 93% of organisations have been subjected to rapid change within

How might Brexit affect UK tech companies?

Brexit will undoubtedly be a complex process for many UK companies, but for those in tech, Ritam Gandhi, founder and director of Studio Graphene, provides us with a ‘Brexit checklist’ highlighting which aspects of preparation we should be focusing on.

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