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Tag: Covid-19


Endpoint management: Overcoming common challenges in 2023

Jere Jutila, Director of Business Development at Miradore, evaluates the common challenges facing businesses when it comes to managing data sprawl, a growing number of devices connecting to the network, and securing a device fleet.


How data centres are transforming their supply chains

As post-pandemic supply chains take shape, Rowland Kinch, CEO at Custodian Data Centres, explores how data centres can evolve to ensure they have resilient supplies to keep their customers at the forefront of innovation.

The data centre in a post-pandemic world

The realities of the post-pandemic world are already hitting the data centre industry. How can we prepare for them, asks Adam Bradshaw, Commercial Director at ServerChoice.

Consultations in the cloud

Healthcare providers are set to deliver 756 million teleconsultations globally by 2025, all thanks to cloud services and 5G, something that wasn’t even a reality just a few years ago. Oftentimes, getting an appointment with your GP or health practitioner can be

Cybercriminals home in on the little guys

Lately, cybercriminals seem to have shifted their focus from the big fish to the SMB’s of the proverbial pond, according to the Acronis Cyberthreats Report mid-year update. Despite the (very false) perception they are too small to target, SMBs are increasingly vulnerable

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