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We want more (AI in the workplace)

As part of a new Snaplogic study, 81% of employees have said artificial intelligence (AI) helps improve their job performance, and they want more. And there was me thinking people feared the machines taking over. Perhaps man and machine can live in

Is storage virtualisation 2.0 the next big thing for business?

After a year of home working, how the heck do businesses tame the sheer deluge of data that has come their way? Here, Florian Malecki, senior director, international product marketing at Arcserve, highlights why businesses are beginning to see the benefits of

World Backup Day

Backup that data: Celebrating 10 years of World Backup Day

For the tenth anniversary of World Backup Day, Data Centre Review spoke to five industry experts about why backing up data is so crucial. Today’s world revolves around data. IDC has predicted that the Global Datasphere will grow to 175 Zettabytes by

Waste not want not

According to a report from Seagate technology, businesses are currently wasting over two thirds of the data available to them.  

Equinix to strengthen cloud connectivity with AWS

Equinix is enhancing its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer enhanced cloud connectivity designed to help enterprises accelerate their journey to AWS via a private cloud network onramp.  

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