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Tag: IT skills shortage

We need to promote careers in cybersecurity

Anthony Webb from A10 Networks discusses implementing cybersecurity in higher education, the types of people the security sector needs and the benefits of working in this dynamic industry.

To code or not to code? That is the question

Apparently, 48% of employers think the workforce is lacking in digital skills, so could no-code be the answer?  Despite the workforce becoming more digitally reliant, new survey results suggest that, less than half of employers (48%) in the UK believe that employees

Are we (finally) getting the skills?

Clearly not everyone spent lockdown day drinking, as SolarWinds annual IT Pro Day Survey has revealed IT pros actually gained confidence (could’ve been the day drinking) and new skills amidst the pandemic.

UK tech’s divided attitudes to skill development 

A study from Pluralsight has revealed that although technology leaders understand the importance of continuous learning and upskilling, fundamental differences exist that can hinder skills development, and thus, company growth.

Plugging the skills gap

Frank Krieger, vice president for governance, risk and compliance at iland discusses how cloud service providers can help plug the data privacy skills gap.

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