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Tag: Truata

Looking beneath the surface

Why data sets need to be examined with x-ray vision, as told by Maurice Coyle, chief data scientist at Truata.

The secret to winning the AI race

When it comes to AI based innovation, companies the world over are vying for competitive advantage. However, when it comes to gaining the upper hand, many have written off European companies solely on the basis of stricter privacy laws. But is this

Rise of the digital creep: Who should own your data?

Over three quarters of global consumers (77%) believe that data held digitally about them should be their own property – not a company’s asset. This is according to the Global Consumer State of Mind Report, produced by Truata.

The data dilemma: changing the privacy landscape post covid-19

Michael Ingrassia, president and general counsel at Truata, discusses the effects that COVID-19 will have on both the private and public sector as even greater swathes of personal data are collected, and how technology providers can play a critical, yet responsible role

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