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Tag: Virtualisation

The future of work post Covid-19

Unfortunately, the future of work post Covid-19 isn’t cats doing our jobs as the article image might suggest, but Jean-Marc Guignier of Zyxel Networks does highlight how to successfully achieve seamless networking both in and out of the office, which we think

Data loss: An unfortunate reality

Philip Bridge, president at Ontrack explores the causes of data loss, and what can be done when organisations can no longer rely on backups alone to restore vital data post breach.

Keeping the lights on during the pandemic

Forward-looking businesses are offloading data centre maintenance and management to the cloud to keep things running during the covid-19 pandemic. Raja Renganathan, vice president at Cognizant and head of Cloud Services Business takes a closer look at what it takes to keep

Pushing closer to the edge

In this Q&A, Patrick Hubbard, head geek at SolarWinds, gives us his insight into the edge and provides data centre professionals with his top tips for making sense of it all.

iland a winner at the Best of VMworld 2018 Awards

iland, a global cloud service provider, has announced that its iland LabEngine has been awarded the ‘Best Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure Platform Award’ at the Best of VMworld 2018 Awards.

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