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Teksan’s uninterruptible power for data centres

Data centre security and continuous developments are among the top priorities of companies today. Teksan draws attention with its innovative products and guarantees the energy security of data centres in many countries worldwide with its project-specific solutions, expert team, and experience.

In data centres, the emergency power supply consists of one or more uninterruptible power supplies, battery storage, and diesel generators. In the event of an electrical system failure, all system elements are redundant so that system operations can continue. Generators are the primary source of power for data centres. In the event of a power outage in 24/7 data centres, generators must be capable of 24-hour operation. A generator system that can only operate as a grid backup or for a few hours a day will cause serious losses in the data centre in the event of an outage, and the data centre will be left without power during the grid outage. In such a case, data centre security is at risk.

Teksan, which delivers quality and reliability to more than 140 countries, stands out with its reliable data centre solutions. Teksan carries out many projects with internationally recognised earthquake-certified products that meet Tier III and Tier IV criteria and that are recognised by the Uptime Institute for data centres.

Data centres are safe in the hands of Teksan

Teksan was preferred for the data centre of one of the world’s leading IT companies in Poland and for the data centres of critical public institutions in several leading European countries.

In an important project of a public institution in Turkey, two 312kWA Ford Ecotorq engines from Data Center Group were used with a seismic isolator and seismic limiter, low noise level container, fire detection, and extinguishing system, and exhaust filter system that can work continuously and has a special cold weather heating system as per the agreement.

The data security of world-renowned IT company is ensured by specially developed Teksan generators

One of the largest IT companies in the world relied on Teksan solutions for its data centre in Poland. A Teksan generator met the uninterrupted power needs of this project with a 1500 kVA diesel genset with a special sound level of 85±3dBA@1m. The genset was explicitly designed to meet the needs of the data centre and features a 40-foot container, a critical exhaust silencer, an additional fuel tank, a leak sensor, a fuel overflow alarm, a separate compartment for the fuel tank, and a double interior door.

Teksan’s project-specific solutions and seismically certified products that meet Uptime Tier III and Tier IV criteria continue to be used in major projects in many countries around the world.

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