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AFL Hyperscale

What is Hyperscale?

Hyperscale computing powers our on-demand world, yet few truly grasp the enormity of it. This guide introduces the concept and significance of hyperscale data centers. In this first eBook, of the Hyperscale Rising series, we are going to unpack everything from the

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How to Choose the Right Colocation Provider

With the right colocation partner, your IT environment can be an engine for revenue growth, giving you a competitive edge. With this Picking the right colocation provider is a strategic decision. Here’s what you gain by working with the right colocation partner:

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Boost your data centre efficiency

In a time when digitisation is rapidly transforming industries, data centres are evolving to meet the increasing demands for security, speed, and capacity. With this comes expansion, relocation, higher server and router port densities and variable panels – which means the need

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Protecting data centres with next-gen video

Data is our most valuable asset. It keeps our businesses running and informs our future — and has become more operationally critical in the wake of the pandemic. It deserves robust protection that ensures it’s not an attractive target for malicious actors.  

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Lifespan of UPS Batteries

Batteries are an integral part of any data centre UPS installation. Indeed, without a well-maintained battery system that performs when you need it, the UPS itself is practically worthless. This whitepaper offers you a comprehensive overview of UPS batteries, from the different

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