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Panel: Air Cooling vs Liquid Cooling

Image: Adobe Stock / Лилия Захарчук

As modern capacity demands continue to increase, the debate about liquid cooling versus air cooling for data centres remains steady in the ever-evolving landscape of digital infrastructure.

With the exponential growth in data processing demands, the choice between these two cooling methods carries implications for efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Offering enhanced heat dissipation, liquid cooling allows data centres to operate at higher densities while reducing energy consumption. Liquid cooling systems provide precise temperature control and have the potential to utilise waste heat to contribute to the circular economy,

Alternatively, offering simplicity and cost-effectiveness, air cooling systems have long been the industry standard, and many data centres are already equipped with them. Switching to liquid cooling can be a substantial investment and might not be feasible for all operations.

At this year’s Critical Insight, Matt Evans, Global Director – Data Centre Solutions at Fläkt Group will sit down with Andy Young, CTO at Asperitas, to debate the technical, economic, and environmental aspects of both cooling methods, shedding light on the trade-offs and benefits of each.

Joined by moderator John Booth, data centre sustainability expert and green IT consultant at Carbon3IT, this unmissable panel debate will take place on day one of the event – don’t miss it.

To view the agenda and to register, visit:

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