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Author: Chris Cutler

The next generation of modular UPS

Riello UPS’ Business Development Manager, Chris Cutler, explores the next generation of ultra-high efficiency modular UPS systems and how they will help data centre operators reduce their total cost of ownership.

Maximising UPS maintenance

Riello UPS’s Chris Cutler outlines the key questions data centre operators should ask to ensure they get the most out of their UPS maintenance plan.

Making the most of remote UPS monitoring

Riello UPS Business Development Manager Chris Cutler explores the ins and outs of remotely monitoring a UPS system and explains how it provides additional peace of mind to data centre operators.

Examining the future of modular UPS

Riello UPS Business Development Manager, Chris Cutler, explores the evolution of modular uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and looks ahead to the next stage in their development.

Riello batteries

Getting the best from your batteries

Chris Cutler from Riello UPS takes a deep dive into UPS batteries and outlines the steps data centre operators should take to reduce the risk of premature failure.


Protecting power at the edge

Chris Cutler of Riello UPS explores whether lithium-ion batteries are the ideal energy storage solution to power the next generation of edge computing applications.

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