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Category: Newsletter Editorial

Are we being mind-fracked?

When I say, ’we’, I don’t mean ‘we’ as in our mobile phones, our laptops, Alexa, or the other myriad of connected devices currently consuming our consciousness. I mean ‘we’ as in us, our minds, our very essence as human beings. And

Big p*ss Techers

Big Tech companies really do think they can get away with anything don’t they? With sanctions for selling off people’s data and generally poking around in your personal business considering nothing more than simply, ‘the cost of doing business.’ But I suppose

Check yow privilege

We have buzz words, but I have decided to coin the phrase buzz burdens. A buzz burden, by my humble definition, is a problem that has always been present in the world of IT, but suddenly gains a lot of airtime, resulting

Following the leader

Whack out the vegetable oil, summer is here. But, this isn’t for tanning, oh no. Kao Data has finally become the first European data centre to transition all its back up generators to HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel, making it a world


Public service announcement

So, the UK government is at it again. But, this is fairly important, particularly for those that care about the privacy of their medical data anyway, so, if you’re one of those people, consider this a public service announcement. As of September

AI in a flash

According to a new survey from Scality, a massive majority (90%) of British, French and German IT decision makers reckon flash-based object storage is going to be the tool of choice helping to fuel artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data

What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing, unless you class establishing supremacy as a good thing? This week, I am referring to the current tech war raging on between Facebook and Apple, two tech titans whose models are both as dodgy as each other. On the one

A lost cause

Quite literally. Apparently, staff in Parliament have lost almost 100 devices over the course of the last two years. Laptops and tablets containing confidential data have been “misplaced” on trains, busses, taxis, hotels and not unsurprisingly, the pub.

Ireland: An unsustainable strain?

With Covid-19 only serving to catalyse the ever-snowballing demand for data centres, you’d think this booming sector would be jumping for joy. And that is the case for much of the industry, unless you’re in Ireland. Data centres on the Emerald Isle


Failing to bring sexy back

There are a lot of things in this world that are deemed “sexy”, I’d list some but each very much to their own on that one; although I’m sure we can all agree Jason Momoa is pretty sexy. But, that long haired

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