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Category: Video

Breaking down cloud misconfigurations

Monitoring, alerting, immutable configurations are simple strategies that lead to security success. But why are we our own worst enemy, asks Josh Hankins, Chief Technical Security Officer at Qualys.

Practical steps to achieve net zero targets

Louis McGarry, Sales & Marketing Director at Centiel, explores approaches to peak shaving and Lithium-ion batteries and how UPS systems can be designed with a better future in mind.

Confronting the skills shortage

Michael Halliday, Head of Employer Engagement for the Trust at ALET, gives industry leaders insight into how to make an impact in education and increasing access to skills.

Improving connectivity in data centres

Andras Meszaros from Harting explains how connectivity is key to making data centre components plug and play, leading to faster installation times, scalable operations and to reduced failures on-site.


Cloud computing trends

Daren Vallyon, Solutions Architect & Product Manager, Hyve Managed Services, discusses the differences between hybrid and multi-cloud and share a long-term vision for these types of infrastructures and related trends.

The total cost of ownership of modern data centre UPS

Jason Yates, Technical Services Manager at Riello UPS, explores the potential cost and efficiency savings offered by various UPS system operating modes, as well as highlighting some of the latest advances in data centre UPS and battery technology.

Data centres and recycled heat

Mark Bjornsgaard, CEO of Deep Green, takes a dive into how recycled heat from modular data centres will be a catalyst in the electrification of heat.

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