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Tag: Artificial Intelligence

RiT Spotlight

In The Spotlight… RiT Tech

Jeff Safovich, Chief Technology Officer at RiT Tech, sits down with DCR to discuss how AI can help improve efficiency and reduce risk for data centre operators, the company’s XpedITe’s AI provisioning module, and the challenges facing the sector.

Embracing AI in data analytics

James Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer, Qlik, discusses why it’s time to break free of the unknown and embrace AI in data analytics.

Is our private data safe with AI?

Almost overnight Web3’s ideals of user privacy and data security were shoved aside by the AI boom calling for everyone to hand over yet more data to cloud tools and big tech. Coincidence? Probably not, says Simon Bain, CEO at OmniIndex

Building trust in AI

Frank Buytendijk, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, explores the ways in which we can build trust in AI to ensure it is a safe, ethical and trustworthy tool.

Using data to amplify sales performance

Andrius Palionis, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Oxylabs, explores the ways in which data analytics and business intelligence can be used to boost sales productivity.

Taking financial services to the edge

Pascal Holt, Director of Marketing at Iceotope, looks into how edge computing and other growing technology innovations are changing the landscape for financial service organisations.

Climate change

Data centre cooling best practices

David Watkins, Solutions Director for VIRTUS Data Centres, explores some data centre cooling best practices to help data centre managers take greater advantage of energy savings, whilst providing improved cooling of IT systems and cost efficiencies.

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