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Tag: Cloud

Are we on the verge of a cloud exodus?

Ahmed Aburahal, Technical Product Manager at Integrity360, explores how the cloud landscape has changed over the past year, and what this means for the digital transformation strategies of the future.


The race to compliance could make or break cloud service providers  

Last year, the Bank of England published new cyber resilience proposals for cloud service providers (CSPs). Indy Dhami, Financial Services Cyber Security Partner at KPMG UK, argues that while this will be a massive challenge for CSPs, it should also be viewed as an opportunity.

What will define the cloud in 2024?

Neil Templeton, Senior Vice President, Console Connect, lays out his predictions for the key cloud computing trends set to influence 2024.

Breaking down cloud misconfigurations

Monitoring, alerting, immutable configurations are simple strategies that lead to security success. But why are we our own worst enemy, asks Josh Hankins, Chief Technical Security Officer at Qualys.


Cloud computing trends

Daren Vallyon, Solutions Architect & Product Manager, Hyve Managed Services, discusses the differences between hybrid and multi-cloud and share a long-term vision for these types of infrastructures and related trends.

Making multicloud the market norm

Jon Howes, VP &GM EMEA at Wasabi, discusses the future of the cloud storage market and the role of specialty providers amongst hyperscalers.

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