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Tag: Edge Computing

Living on the edge

Wendy Shearer, Director of Smart Cities & Ecosystems at Pulsant, explores how local infrastructure and edge computing can help supercharge regional businesses.

Will edge live up to its hype?

Can edge computing deliver on its promises in 2023 and beyond, asks Chris Harris, Vice President, Global Field Engineering at Couchbase.

Where is the edge headed?

Bruce Kornfeld, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of StorMagic, explores the definition of edge and shares some predictions of where the edge is headed over the next decade.

The future is edge

Rajasekar Sukumar, Senior Vice President Europe, Persistent Systems, explores what edge computing and data analytics mean for the future of tech.

The case for more internet exchanges

More internet exchanges and power are key to next gen edge delivery, says John Hall, Managing Director – Colocation at Proximity Data Centres


Getting distributed systems right

Dom Couldwell, Field CTO at DataStax, explores how to get data consistency across edge and centralised data sets, and the value that can be achieved out of edge data.

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