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Boeing forms multi-cloud partnership with AWS, Google and Microsoft

Boeing has formed partnerships with the three cloud computing giants to support its digital transformation. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft will help the company expand its cloud operations, “creating a single foundation for the company’s approach to cloud computing in

The British AI firm currently surpassing Google

Just when we thought Google could not be beaten, British AI tech firm Kortical has burst onto the scene with its very own AI platform which is already outperforming Google’s latest offering. A British AI tech start-up Kortical, which helps companies use

5 tips for ensuring your data privacy remains exactly that

It seems data breaches are happening more often than not at the moment. But the good news is big tech companies the likes of Apple, are starting to take consumer privacy more seriously. That said, we can’t rely solely on these companies

Big Tech

Big tech or a big problem? Tackling the monopoly

The relentless rise of ‘big tech’ (specifically the ‘big six’) consisting of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet (owner of Google), Apple and last but not least, Microsoft – has led to these companies possessing power quite unlike anything we have ever seen. These


How Google Cloud is helping get more Covid vaccines to more people

Mike Daniels, vice president, global public sector at Google Cloud explains how the company is helping to ensure that when it comes to vaccines, nobody gets left behind. As multiple Covid-19 vaccines are distributed worldwide, government leaders are now acutely focused on

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