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Tag: Modular UPS

Six data centre trends we’ll see this year

Sustainability and climate change will be the issues most influencing the data centre industry in 2023, according to ABB – here the company reveals six trends It says we can expect this year.

Making data centre power pay

Amidst soaring energy prices, how can data centre operators cut their energy consumption while also earning income by supplying excess power to the grid? Danel Turk, Global Data Centre Segment Leader from ABB, sheds some light on the issue.


Making the most of modular

Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director at CENTIEL UK, explores how modular whole concept data centres could help reduce total cost of ownership.


CENTIEL: Managing power continuity

How do you correctly size a UPS system?  The million dollar question!  Well maybe not quite the million dollar question, but one well worth asking.  An incorrectly sized UPS will impact both CAPEX and OPEX, and how much could this cost you

Horses for courses

Louis McGarry, sales and marketing director at Centiel UK compares monolithic UPS with more modern-day modular technology and highlights how mono has moved on.

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