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Tag: SolarWinds

DataOps for all, thanks to a new free tool from SolarWinds

SolarWinds is ensuring DataOps for everyone, with its DBA xPress tool, which they are kindly offering free of charge. DBA xPress automates data and schema comparisons, making DataOps adoption and Microsoft SQL Server cloud migrations easier for all data pros. For data

Are we (finally) getting the skills?

Clearly not everyone spent lockdown day drinking, as SolarWinds annual IT Pro Day Survey has revealed IT pros actually gained confidence (could’ve been the day drinking) and new skills amidst the pandemic.

Getting deep into data

Thomas LaRock, head geek at SolarWinds discusses how anomaly detection can maximise database performance.

Lighten the load

With new technologies to master, their own skills to brush up on, as well as the smooth running of their facilities to contend with, data centre professionals cannot afford to have vast amounts of their time eaten up by mundane day-to-day IT

Pushing closer to the edge

In this Q&A, Patrick Hubbard, head geek at SolarWinds, gives us his insight into the edge and provides data centre professionals with his top tips for making sense of it all.

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