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DigiPlex deploys first Norwegian AWS Direct Connect offering

DigiPlex Data Center Ulven Oslo

DigiPlex has announced that its Ulven data centre will host the first Norwegian deployment of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, an offering that makes it easy to establish a dedicated networking connection to AWS.

The arrival of the solution represents a significant upgrade to the service available to users in Norway, and bolsters DigiPlex’s position as the region’s most connected data centre operator.

AWS Direct Connect grants customers a private connection to AWS, reducing network costs, increasing bandwidth and providing a more secure and consistent experience than internet-based connections. With AWS Direct Connect capability, DigiPlex’s Ulven data centre will be the primary hub for connectivity to all AWS services in the Norwegian Market.

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“We are very pleased to offer AWS Direct Connect for the Norwegian market. This expansion of our existing relationship with AWS allows us to provide our customers and our customers’ customers with easy, direct access to the cloud through AWS Direct Connect,” said CEO of DigiPlex, Gisle M. Eckhoff.

The announcement follows the news that AWS would be establishing three major data centres in Sweden, greatly expanding its presence in the Nordic region.

“In today’s digital world, the data centre is becoming an interconnected business ecosystem for critical digital operations. With AWS Direct Connect available inside our award-winning data centre, DigiPlex is strengthening its position as the data centre operator of choice for local, Nordic and international firms,” concluded Eckhoff.

DigiPlex aims to set the standard for best practices within the data centre industry and represents the new generation of data centre suppliers. DigiPlex helps companies maximise savings through innovation while reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact. DigiPlex’s data centres are powered exclusively by sustainable sources of electricity and their new sites are some of the greenest and most energy efficient data centres in the world.


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