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Big p*ss Techers

Big Tech companies really do think they can get away with anything don’t they? With sanctions for selling off people’s data and generally poking around in your personal business considering nothing more than simply, ‘the cost of doing business.’ But I suppose

Towing the line with EU GDPR post-Brexit

Is the UK getting a bit too big for its boots? With Brexit now (sort of) underway, Jack Bedell-Pearce CEO & co-founder at 4D Data Centres, explores the drive towards alignment with EU GDPR, in relation to data adequacy and divergence. On


Cybersecurity: Meeting the challenge

The cybersecurity challenge is evolving, but there are a number of simple tips for a CISO to meet that challenge, as explained by Rob Allen, European director of marketing and technical services, Kingston Technology. The last year may have meant significant changes

Looking beneath the surface

Why data sets need to be examined with x-ray vision, as told by Maurice Coyle, chief data scientist at Truata.

Will privacy kill the open web?

An investigation from the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has shone a spotlight on the legal structures that allegedly give permission to collect data; but opportunity knocks for a new era of privacy, says eyeo.

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