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Tag: Hyperscale

Chanos is predicting the wrong endgame

David Bloom, Chief Executive and Founder of Goldacre Ventures, explains why he thinks the future of ‘legacy’ brick and mortar data centres is bright.

Colocation vs. hyperscale

Challenge or opportunity? Jon Healy, Operations Director at Keysource, explores the impact of hyperscale on colocation operators.

Blowing the roof off conventional

“A gale of creative economic destruction is blowing the roof off the conventional data centre economic model, revealing something altogether different”, says Alan Beresford, MD of data centre cooling experts EcoCooling. We asked Alan to elaborate upon this rather mysterious statement. There’s


Up in the cloud, why price doesn’t always equal cost

In many cases, when it comes to the cloud, the lowest price doesn’t always equal the lowest cost, after all, you get what you pay for. Here, Justin Augat, VP of marketing at iland explains why organisations need to look at the different services

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