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Telemedicine: Do the benefits outweigh the privacy issues for patients?

With social distancing on the cards for the foreseeable future, the implementation of telemedicine has snowballed. Unfortunately, despite the benefits, this also kicks up some serious privacy issues for patients. Alejandro Coca, co-head of explores some of the challenges, and solutions,

Will privacy kill the open web?

An investigation from the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has shone a spotlight on the legal structures that allegedly give permission to collect data; but opportunity knocks for a new era of privacy, says eyeo.

Rise of the digital creep: Who should own your data?

Over three quarters of global consumers (77%) believe that data held digitally about them should be their own property – not a company’s asset. This is according to the Global Consumer State of Mind Report, produced by Truata.

Ken Mortensen, Data Protection Officer at InterSystems

What’s been done for data privacy since GDPR?

Despite GDPR coming into effect in Europe a year and a half ago, privacy continues to be the most important aspect of data management, while consumer concerns regarding the privacy and security of their personal information still remain. But what exactly has

2020 could see an onslaught of new data protection laws

GDPR may have kickstarted a revolution in the data protection space, with Justin Fier, director of cyber intelligence and analytics at Darktrace, noting that 2020 could see an onslaught of new data protection laws. 

Data protection: legislation vs personalisation

As brands leverage vast amounts of data to get personal with consumers, Finn Raben, director general at ESOMAR, explains that there shouldn’t be any ‘tension’ between privacy and personalisation as they can both coexist side by side. 

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