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Tag: Private Cloud

Welcome to the ‘cloud-also’ future

Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Products at Quantum, explores how, as cloud usage increases, many companies are now repatriating data and workloads from the public cloud to on-premises infrastructure.

Multi-cloud set to be king of the castle, says Ensono

When it comes to the future of cloud services, according to research from Ensono, multi-cloud strategies are set to dominate. Ensono has released the findings of its research report, ‘A snapshot of the cloud in 2021.’ The company surveyed 500 full-time professionals


Not all clouds are created equal, where do your workloads belong?

Sometimes things can get a little confusing in the cloud. In this article, Leigh Plumley, CRO at Aptum explores which workloads belong in the public cloud, private cloud, on-premises and SaaS. Organisations are continuing to leave behind traditional compute, storage and networking


The three musketeers of cloud: Could you be the fourth?

All for one and one for all! Jonathan Bridges, chief innovation office at Exponential-e talks us through stepping into your role alongside the ‘three musketeers’ of the cloud world. Let’s be honest, the benefits of the cloud are well known. And if


Best of both worlds: Benefits of a hybrid cloud

Neville Louzado, head of sales at Hyve Managed Hosting, dispels the myth that companies need to choose between a public and private cloud, and espouses the potential benefits of a hybrid solution. In one form or another, digital transformation was already well