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Tag: Next Generation Data

Best of both worlds

Justin Jenkins, CEO at Next Generation Data, discusses why colocation certainly has not had its day and why it doesn’t have to be a case of either or when it comes to colocation and the cloud.

Under pressure

High Performance Computing puts pressure on colocation credentials. Simon Bearne, commercial director at Next Generation Data explores some key colocation considerations for meeting HPC expectations.

Colocation is no commodity

Born over two decades ago colo is now something altogether more complex, says Simon Bearne, commercial director at Next Generation Data.

NGD: Against the odds

Through a credit crunch to Brexit and beyond, Next Generation Data (NGD), the operator of Europe’s largest data centre has survived and thrived by daring to be different. With a second expansion currently underway, DCR was cordially invited to take a look

NGD helps 4,000 small businesses get connected

Data centre operator Next Generation Data (NGD) is currently helping deliver ultrafast 10Gbps broadband connectivity to over 4,000 underserved small businesses in South Wales and Southwest England.

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